the sunny patch fifth grade weekly wrapup

5th Grade Weekly Wrap-Up

Another week finished! We’re just plugging along, beginning to see the end of another year. It’s been a pretty quiet week. TJ had a friend stay overnight so I had 2 kids homeschooling on Thursday. It’s always nice for a change in our routine. It’s been nice and sunny so they got plenty of outdoor […]

finger knitting scarf tutorial

Finger Knitting Scarf

We’ve had lots of fun with finger knitting these last few weeks. First we did a picture tutorial of the basic instructions – finger knitting for beginners. Then we used those instructions to make a few fun projects – a finger knitting headband and finger knitting ear warmers. Now, we’re going to build on those […]

essential oil cleaning recipes

Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

If you’ve been around for the last few months you have probably noticed that I’ve been a little bit excited about using essential oils. When we first started using them – just for some coughing & cold symptoms – I was amazed at how well they worked for us. I started using them for more […]

the sunny patch well educated mind

The Well-Educated Mind: The Life of Saint Teresa of Avila

I can now cross out the fourth book in The Well-Educated Mind autobiographies list – The Life of Saint Teresa of Avila. I was glad to be finished with this one. I’m having a tough time with these autobiographies. I think it’s because so far, all of them have been more philosophical in nature and […]

teaching life skills to kids

Life in the Real World – Teaching Life Skills to Kids

While math, Latin, and grammar top our list of daily subjects, I know it’s also important to teach kids basic life skills and chores. Best of all, you don’t really need a program or curriculum – it’s very easy to just incorporate it into your everyday life. Teaching life skills to kids When I first started […]