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Day in the Life of an “Oily” Mom

We’ve spent the past month talking all about essential oils and now we’ve finally reached the last day. It’s been a fun journey looking at the different aspects of essential oils and the many versatile ways they can be used. So I thought that I would wrap up this series by showing what a day in […]

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Make Your own Essential Oil Journal

There are so many ways to use essential oils – we’ve covered so many of them this month! And when I find the method and oil that works for me, I like to write it down so I don’t forget. The best way to keep track of that information is with a journal. Disclaimer: *Disclaimer: […]

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What to do if an Essential Oil isn’t Working

Sometimes it seems like everyone else is getting amazing results with a specific oil but you just aren’t. It can feel pretty discouraging when it seems like they are working for everyone else. I have some tips for those times you find the oil you’re using isn’t working. Disclaimer: *Disclaimer: These statements have not been […]

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Essential Oils & Oil Pulling

Our 31 days of essential oils is wrapping up this week but we still have a few more posts to go. These last few days we’ve been discussing using essential oils for everyday things – skin care and everyday issues. Today we’re going to look at how essential oils can help with oral hygiene. Disclaimer: […]

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Essential Oils & Skin Care

Essential oils really shine as fabulous skin care ingredients. They can be mixed into your favorite lotions or face creams. They can be diluted and applied directly to the skin to clear your complexion or just brighten your face. Let’s look at some great ways to use essential oils to care for your skin. Disclaimer: […]