homeschooling history primary sources

Homeschooling History with Primary Sources

Before I started homeschooling I had no clue what a primary source was or why I should care about them. Then I read The Well-Trained Mind and learned lots of things I didn’t know! {BTW, a primary source is a historical document that was written or produced during/after the time of a specific historical event, offering an […]

the sunny patch fifth grade weekly wrapup

5th Grade Weekly Wrap-Up

Another week done – we’re moving into term number 5 (11 weeks to go in this school year). I’ve started making my shopping list and purchasing books for next year. TJ wants more input into the books she uses so we’ve been discussing different options. Especially for history which hasn’t been that great this year. […]

restful learning everyday schole

Everyday Scholé: Restful Learning when Life is Busy

Finding your place of restful learning can be difficult – with busy schedules, household chores, and all the things that keep homeschooling moms busy. And, when life throws an extra curve ball, it can feel even more elusive. There are two things I like to do to manage those extra crazy times – even when […]

Trim Healthy Mama freezer cooking

7 Easy Things to keep in your Trim Healthy Mama Freezer

Changing your eating habits can take some time. If you’re following the Trim Healthy Mama plan there are quite a few changes that might be new to you – new sweeteners and different flours, separating your fuel sources – that’s a lot of new habits to work on! But there are a few things you […]

reading at The Sunny Patch

Books in a Pile: March

March… Three months into the new year already! Waiting for spring to finally arrive here in Canada (we just got more snow yesterday). But it’s starting to warm up so I’m hoping that will help the snow melt. Reading Challenge Updates… I’m working through Descartes Meditations this month(Well-Educated Mind reading). It’s not hard reading the […]