5th Grade Weekly Wrap-Up

Finally some sunshine! We’ve been enjoying it too – outside every afternoon, basking in the warmth. I think the beagle is the happiest one, even I’m not minding the muddy mess she makes. On the homeschool front we’re almost finished with our 5th term. Just one more term to go and we’re done with this […]

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6 Tips for Homeschooling Slow Movers & Methodical Thinkers

My kid is a dawdler. She can turn what should be a quick 10-minute assignment into a 2-hour marathon. Raise your hand if you’ve got one of those kids. I know I can’t be alone. Over the years we’ve developed a few strategies for coping with TJ’s slower pace and managing to fit homeschooling and […]

no bake breakfast cheesecake

No Bake Breakfast Cheesecake

I’m a big fan of easy cooking. One of the easiest methods? No bake cooking (I have some fab easy no bake recipes)! In the summer, when it’s hot, I prefer to cook on the grill as much as possible. Dessert usually consists of ice cream (love this protein-rich ice cream) or some other no-bake […]

A look at the books I'm reading for the Classics Club Challenge.

Classics Club: Robinson Crusoe

Before reading Robinson Crusoe the closest I’ve ever come to Daniel Defoe was Castaway (not sure if it’s actually based on Defoe’s book but it’s about the same idea) and the short-lived television series, Crusoe. About the book… I’d guess that most people are at least somewhat familiar with this story – Crusoe is shipwrecked on […]

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Tips from Homeschool Moms: All About Read Alouds

It’s no secret that we love books around here! There are piles of them everywhere and I write about them frequently. Reading aloud is one of our very favorite methods of reading – TJ would much rather I read aloud to her than actually read the book herself (we’re still working on developing that love […]