5 fab tips to get kids hooked on reading! Have a kid who isn't too fond of reading - use these tips to change his mind!

5 Tips to Get Kids Hooked on Books

Last week I shared a few ideas for creating times for non-bookish kids to read. I have a daughter who would much rather play with Legos or Lincoln logs (or video games, of course!) than read a book, so I try to intentionally fit in some reading time each day. As she’s gotten older I’ve […]

Looking for some fun ways to cover your English lesson? Or a family game that builds vocabulary? Check out this awesome list of resources. Bananagrams is one of our favorites!

Homeschool Favorites: English Resources

Don’t you love adding games and fun things to your homeschool day? They’re a nice change of pace from the normal routine and they add a bit of fun to the day. That’s easy enough to do with science, when you can do fun experiments, or history with all those fun projects. Even math can be […]

Take a peek at a week in our homeschool life!

Weekly Wrap-up: Coughs, Colds & Eating My Words

I’m eating my words this week! Last week I talked about how much we were loving our morning meeting time. Well, this week we barely had 2 morning meetings. TJ caught a cold, which for her translates to a hacking cough every night when we’re trying to go to sleep. So between the cough and […]


Take a peek at a week in our homeschool life!

I'm eating my words this week! Last week I talked about how much we were loving our morning meeting … [Read More...]

Have a kid who doesn't enjoy reading? Here are some great tips to get them reading. Reading at bedtime works for us!

I have a confession to make. My homeschooled-since-birth kid does not have the 'reading bug' (you … [Read More...]

Great list of resources for mathematics and logic. Love the game list!

Ready for another list of favorite resources? The past few weeks I've talked about our favorite … [Read More...]

Frugal Fun & Travel…

Planning a vacation? Here are some tips and websites that will save you money.

Image Source Don't bust your vacation budget Summer means vacation. It also means planning and … [Read More...]

Planning a road trip this summer? Here are 5 tips to save money on expensive travel costs.

source Save money while you're on the road. Planning a road trip this summer? One of the most … [Read More...]

Planning a family road trip? Here are 6 tips that will keep the family entertained and happy while traveling.

Traveling with kids takes some planning! Anyone who has ever traveled with kids (or been a kid on … [Read More...]

Piles of Books…

Monthly Reading Update

Is it the end of September already!? This month has just flown by. Between homeschooling, work, and … [Read More...]

A look at the books I'm reading for the Classics Club Challenge.

School starts this week and so does a new book on my Classics Club list! My summer reading selection … [Read More...]

Monthly Reading Update

Not much time for reading... August has been a busy month with travel, family vacations, and … [Read More...]

In the Kitchen…

Great recipe for filling your freezer! Three meals of sweet-and-sour meatballs ready to go. Cook once - eat three times!

Meatballs in the freezer There's just something that happens around the beginning of September. I … [Read More...]

Ten recipes that are perfect for that fall picnic.

Great picnic recipes Summer is coming to a close and school is starting soon (if it hasn't … [Read More...]

15 perfect summertime burger recipes - easy burgers that get dinner on the table quickly.

Summertime Eats... Burgers on the Grill There is just something about throwing burgers on the … [Read More...]

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