6th Grade: Week 3

We’ve had another successful homeschooling week here at The Sunny Patch (it’s successful if we complete all our work with minimal attitude & fuss!). Next week we’ll add in history and be at our full schedule for the year. We’ll continue doing 4-day weeks until after Labor Day weekend. Friday’s will be our “Fun Friday” with […]

what is schole feature

What is Scholé?

We’ve been exploring the idea of everyday scholé here at The Sunny Patch (along with my friends Sara at Classically Homeschooling & Chelli at The Planted Trees). This week we each want to share what scholé means to us and our homeschool. What does scholé mean? Scholé is a Greek word that means ‘leisure‘ and […]

diy poo-pourri with essential oils feature

DIY Poo-Pourri with Essential Oils

Learn more about essential oils! Have you heard of “Poo-Pourri”? It’s a product that, when sprayed in a toilet, traps the odor of your… ahem… ‘poo’… beneath the surface of the water in the toilet. I was intrigued to discover that it’s basically a combination of oils and water (and something to make the two […]

A look at the books I'm reading for the Classics Club Challenge.

Classics Club: Treasure Island

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson is an adventure filled book that will entertain the whole family. TJ and I listened to the audio (she loved it) but I was a bit distracted while listening so I re-read the book again on my own to get the full story. About the Book… The story centers […]

freezer cooking tips for busy families feature

4 Freezer Cooking Tips for Busy Families

Family life is busy! Between activities, working, homeschooling, and keeping up with housework, it’s easy to slip into a fast-food rut to avoid cooking and meal planning. But shopping, meal planning, and cooking doesn’t have to be a huge task. Freezer cooking can be a great way to prepare for busy times and with these […]