Teacher Training for the Homeschool Mom

A list of resources, audios, and podcasts for 'teacher training' for homeschool moms.

Homeschool Resources for Teacher Training

Summer break is the perfect time for homeschool moms to relax and recharge for a new homeschool year. It’s also the perfect time to plan and prepare for that new year.

I refer to our summer break as my ‘teacher training’ month. After we’ve been on break for a few weeks, I jump into the preparation and planning. And part of that involves watching seminars, listening to audios, and reading homeschooling books.

The first thing I usually do is re-read portions of The Well-Trained Mind (my teaching manual!). This year there is a lot of reading and looking at our goals and schedule since TJ is going into 5th grade. After I’ve made my notes, looked at my goals, and purchased curriculum, I start getting down to the nitty gritty details.

I go through each subject, taking notes and studying so I’ll be prepared to teach. Between subjects I spend time listening to lots of audios and DVD resources. Some of my favorites:

What resources are in your teacher training pile this summer?

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    I’m using The Well-Trained Mind as a resource this year as well. I also use summer break as a time to read and plan. :) Thanks for all the links of audio and DVD resources!

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    This is good advice…. I tend to enjoy not having to do lesson plans and “official” schoolwork – like bookwork and can rather focus on all the gardening tasks and homemaking things I don’t have time for in the school year. This year, I didn’t even think of school for the first month of summer(at least not on purpose) and it helped and I am feeling rather eager to get started again. It is so nice to have a break…. even if that just means having different work. :) I will be checking in to the book, The Well-Trained Mind… not sure if I have read it or not. Thank you for posting. :)

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    I love your focus on teacher training! I have listened to some of the resources that you listed, but I’ll have to check out some of the others this month! We school year round, but will have about 3 weeks off coming up here in a few days. I’m going to take that time to finalize all the plans for next year and get everything ready to go!

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      Those weeks off are the perfect time to refresh with some great audios! I don’t seem to have as much time during the school year so I try to fit it all in over summer break.

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