Most parents can only agree— searching for the best education programs is extremely tough and complicated. 

The pressure of providing quality education and efficient learning without ruining their budget has been on the parents’ shoulders for centuries now. 

It pains parents to see their five-year-old child crying because of being bullied at school, and the facility members didn’t act on it. It also pains them when they see their child crying over a math quiz or after being reprimanded by a teacher for not performing well in class. 

After all of these undesirable events, your child’s test scores and confidence will continue to fall. In contrast, your dissatisfaction as a parent with the school’s environment will continue to rise. 

So, why not take away all those unwanted factors and start focusing on the essential elements that can “actually” develop your child’s potentials? 

In the first place, the educational system’s goal is not just about instilling lessons to learners— it is about giving them a life to live. With that idea, the concept of homeschooling emerges. Nevertheless, before anything else, I’d like to introduce myself first and narrate my personal experience.

Meet Therese

I’m Therese Tyler, the writer and editor of these pages. I am a very introverted and sensitive parent who enjoys writing, reading, traveling, and meditating. I love seeing my child living life to the fullest as much as I do. 

Jonas, my firstborn and my only child, is about to enter grade school next month. Since kindergarten, he has been homeschooled. As a mother, I am so proud that we made this remarkable emotional journey together without being bothered by societal pressure. 

He was bullied during his first 12 months in pre-school; that’s why I immediately decided to act on it. I never thought I could be a great homeschooling parent. Still, I stumbled into the thought of it while researching the best alternatives to the traditional educational curriculum. 

So, now here I am, being the best mom I could ever be to my child, who has always been an excellent learner.

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