‘Cannamoms’ Parenting With Cannabis

‘Cannamoms’ Parenting With Cannabis

The number of mothers who are using cannabis to help them parent and school increases. When we discussed the use of cannabis a few years ago, most parents immediately thought of smoking weed to get high. That is somewhat true because people frequently use the substance to escape their own realities. However, the stigma may slowly change because numerous medical studies indicate that cannabis can also do good when used correctly.

The studies concerning CBD and thca vape cartridges (the raw form of THC) have greatly proven that cannabis products can provide health benefits such as relaxation and anti-inflammation. Even further research claims that those compounds can help in treating children with epilepsy and ASD (autism spectrum disorder).


Epilepsy and autism usually occur altogether. This means that if your child is diagnosed as autistic, he/she is likely to be epileptic also or might experience certain episodes related to epilepsy. Knowing that epilepsy and autism are brain disorders, it seems that there is nothing to be done to revert to normal, for now.

Instead of making an effort to make their kids normal, experts urge parents to establish as much of a normal environment as possible. However, the task may be challenging because seizures occur frequently in epileptic and autistic people. With the revelation of the health benefits that cannabis products can provide, it’s easy to see why mothers turn to them.

If you haven’t known yet, THC is responsible for the addictive aspect of cannabis. In its raw form, the THCA, the addictive aspect seems to be non-existent. As long as the cannabis product is not processed or heated, THCA will remain. Along with CBDA, or the raw form of CBD, they can provide the needed relaxation that an autistic or epileptic child needs.

Is It Safe and Legal To Use

Cannabis products that are used for wellness can be obtained only in countries and states that legalize cannabis. Aside from medical marijuana, products like oil tinctures, edibles, and creams are available to be purchased either through physical or online stores. Furthermore, vape cartridges and even pet treats are also developed and sold.

With the creation of many ways to enjoy cannabis’ medical prowess besides smoking weed, it seems that applying them to children can be easy. The only requirement upon purchase is the doctor’s approval. Currently, doctors prescribe the use of cannabis products to children suffering from epilepsy in order to reduce the tendency of seizures.

However, there will always be caution. Like all products, using beyond the recommendation can be harmful. Most cannabis products, particularly with CBD, are classified into 3, depending on the percentage of CBD a product contains. These are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolates. One can find assurance when purchasing because of the convenience of classification.

Take Away

The use of cannabis products as treatment depends solely if they are legalized in your location. If they are prohibited, then you have to find other alternatives in order to treat your child that suffers from epilepsy. But if so happens that you are residing in a place where cannabis is legal, take full advantage of it. So far, products containing CBD or THCA are proven to be effective.

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