Curriculum Choices for Grade Seven Students

Curriculum Choices for Grade Seven Students

If you are trying to find some curriculum choices for grade seven, you are on the right page. Choosing a curriculum for homeschooling is relatively challenging. You, as a parent, have to select the best options for your child as it can highly affect their progress and learning appetite. That is why I am sharing with you some choices for grade seven curriculums. Learn more here.

Again, time flies so fast. The last time you were brought to this page was when you were still finding the best grade six curriculum choices, and in a snap, you’re here again. First and foremost, I congratulate you for making it this far. 

Homeschooling is not an easy experience, but I admit it is also the most meaningful kind of bonding we ever had with my child. 

Now that you expect your child to enter grade seven soon, it is necessary to understand that curriculums should be carefully evaluated as it dictates your pace as a homeschooling parent. So without further ado, here is the recommended grade-seven curriculum.

1. Physical Education

Parents often see physical education as an unnecessary part of a grade seven curriculum, especially when there are many more “important” subjects to insert. Well, you are sadly mistaken. 

Young girls and boys need to learn at least the basics of physical education, such as the proper way to play badminton, the fundamentals of baseball, and the appropriate execution of soccer. 

When the weather is bad, you don’t have to do everything outdoors. Instead, you can record some exciting videos on a tape and let your child play it, and take some notes within the allocated time. 

2. Health

There is no questioning why Health, aside from Physical Education, is a necessary part of the grade-seven curriculum. 

Teaching your child what particular food ingredient in a recipe is bad or good for their health will allow them to make intelligent kitchen decisions in the future. The subject should also cover time management, goal setting, financial management, and many more. 

There are actually a lot of reliable sources from the library and the internet. These sources can discuss any health topics from hygiene and healthy diet to mental health and growth mindset. Yes, health does affect not only our physical beings but also our mental being.

3. Art

You can surely relate to how your child puts a massive smile on his or her face every art time. Most children think that art classes are the best part of the day. This is where they can enhance their creative thinking and skills. 

Thus, you have to choose the best yet most valuable art materials. I, myself, include different kinds of art lessons in our homeschooling program. 

Our lessons range from collages, watercolor paintings, drawing, and sculpting. One of our favorite lessons is the art of chalk pastel. 

My child loves these kinds of video lessons! I suggest that you have to add video lecturing to your classes so that your child can effectively visualize the concepts of your topic.

4. Bible

Bible study should be on top of the list. You can read the bible with your child every morning as part of your morning routine.

I have decided to include a looping timeline that consists of many Bible activities this year. My child and I will be reading different religious books every week. The activities are indeed purposeful. I love seeing my child learning how to sing praise songs and eagerly knowing the meaning behind the lyrics. 

As a parent, it is really an enjoyable activity to witness. Aside from our singing practice, I also taught him to journal his spiritual journey as a youth.

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