Curriculum Choices for Grade Six Students

Curriculum Choices for Grade Six Students

Time flies so fast. You had once homeschooled your child at grade one, and now, you are expecting him to turn to grade six soon. Where did all the precious time go? This is only proof of how fast time could run when you and your child have genuinely enjoyed the homeschooling experience. You were once the kind of mom who was so pessimistic and doubtful about the idea at first. And now, look at what you and your child have achieved. You’ve overcome a tough challenge, and you will survive whatever is coming. 

Homeschooling a grade six student is like teaching a soon-to-be-an-adult child. Always remember that you are investing in your child’s future, and their willingness to continue the process lies in how willing you are too.

1. Morning Routine

Your morning routine is the most crucial part of your child’s day as a homeschooling team. It allows you to sink in the beauty of the level of productivity that is about to come in the next few hours. Your morning routine should include ample time for meditation. 

By being mindful of your surroundings and what’s happening inside your brain, you will become more aware of your actions and decisions. You will become more appreciative and confident of your abilities; these realizations should inspire you throughout the day. 

Being the inspired person, you are right now, you will continue to be a better educator to your homeschooled child. Your child should feel the same feeling. 

You have to give him insightful reading materials he or she can enjoy reading. This is indeed a great way to gear themselves up for another adventurous learning experience. 

2. Language Arts 

Next to your morning routine should be Language Arts. We highly suggest you look at English 6 books wherein the parts alternate between writing and grammar. 

You will surely love the idea of covering a wide range of writing topics within a year only. Another book is sequential spelling. This contains creative, fun, and exciting spelling tasks and projects; your child will surely enjoy it.

3. Math

Our previous math book does not really come with answer keys. My child and I disliked it; thus, we decided to purchase another book that already has answer keys. 

The new book is entitled Jump Math. We might hold on to this new math textbook for as long as we have to because it is convenient. My child has been focusing on Jump Math chapters since he was in Grade 2. 

Now that he is already turning in grade six, he still loves to purchase the same book title yet more advanced. Another book that I highly recommend is “Bedtime Math.” 

My child loves it because it is literally like a bedtime book that you can read to your child before they fall asleep. The book contains a lot of interesting facts and stories, and relevant questions follow after these stories. 

The questions actually vary according to the student’s skill level and age. It is indeed a great source of knowledge.

4. Science

I really am excited about this year’s edition of science books. I want to dive into the insightful depth of the study of nature, and I also want my kid to have the same level of interest as I have. I want him to be curious as I am.  We should be enjoying investigating and studying wildflowers, animal behaviors, and anything we could ever think of. 

Many of these ideas are from the book entitled “NaturExplorers.” The content is packed with plenty of activities, journaling sheets, ideas, and many more!

5. Bible

It is imperative to also incorporate your child’s academic excellence with his or her spiritual wellbeing. Regardless of your religion, spiritual attainment should be seen as a necessary part of your child’s personal growth and development. 

It is not all about dictating his or her belief systems. Still, it is all about encouraging him to create his own moral standards soundly. It is about giving him to freedom to choose his own religious path and, at the same time, giving him the set of principles he might need along the way. Allocating ample time for Bible studying does not only make your child a better person, but it also improves his or her overall perspective in life. 

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