Literacy-Based Planning

Literacy-Based Planning

Perhaps you are reading a book or an article online, and you have come across the term “literacy-based planning,” and you have no idea what it means. Or perhaps you are an educator and are looking for new ways to make your teaching your kids more enjoyable. If that is the case, then you can opt for literacy-based planning. However, what is literacy-based planning?

Simply put, literacy-based planning is when you choose a book and then pull out a plethora of curriculum experiences by using your chosen book as a source of inspiration. The experiences you can pull out can then be related to the different curriculum areas, such as science, mathematics, and other subjects.

An excellent example of this is the Five in a Row program. This program involves selecting a book and then reading it every day for five consecutive days. However, every day, different experiences will be pulled out from the book. This means that the kids will gain a much deeper understanding of the book. Then, the teacher will go on to relate these experiences to the various areas of the curriculum.

The challenge here is selecting the right book of the Five in a Row program, but this method is worth trying.

How to execute literacy-based planning?

First, you have to select a book that is suitable for your children. You cannot choose just any book. It has to be something that you can easily relate the subjects to.

Furthermore, it is way better to use a book that you and your students are already quite familiar with rather than a book entirely new to you and them.

The critical part here is that the chosen book must have several opportunities to connect them to the curriculum areas. Is it something about this book that I can relate to science?

Is there something in this book about numbers and figures for me to connect to math? Selecting a text is not easy, but you should have no problem relating the book to the subjects when done correctly.

Once you have chosen a book, write down as many ideas from it that you can relate to the subjects to have an easier time when it comes to teaching it to your students.

Literacy-based learning is an enjoyable and exciting alternative to teaching your children different subject lessons. Selecting a good book for this method may be a challenge. Still, this method has seen some promising results, and it is a suitable teaching method to keep in your arsenal.

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