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Ways You Are Making Homeschooling More Difficult Than It Should Be

The idea of finally starting the first homeschool day can be somewhat dreadful to first-timers. Making your own coffee and breakfast can be an activity you usually love doing every day. Still, because it is the first day of homeschooling, you feel groggy.  However, always bear in mind that this is not just a “job […]

Tips for Homeschool Parents

Top 3 Things New Homeschoolers Should Know

Every parent’s experience before homeschooling can range from reasonably bad to extremely dreadful. Their children might have experienced bullying and extremely embarrassing situations before. Why do parents have to wait for the worst situations to occur before taking the necessary actions?  Parents doubt whether or not they are qualified and “skilled” enough to homeschool their children. […]


Homeschooling During the Coronavirus

Many industries and sectors were affected when the pandemic emerged. One of the sectors that have taken a significant blow is education.  Because face-to-face classes are prohibited, and quarantine protocols are in place, many parents were forced to continue their child’s education through homeschooling.  Homeschooling is very different from going to school or university, which […]

Tips for Homeschool Parents

How to Start Homeschooling

Many parents and guardians are clueless about the concept of homeschooling, and it also seemed strange for students who have never tried it their entire lives.  Before, only those who have limited mobility, special needs, physical conditions, and celebrities choose to homeschool over physical classes. However, nowadays, because of the pandemic, everyone is encouraged to […]

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