3 Things Homeschool Moms Wished They Knew before They Began

3 Things Homeschool Moms Wished They Knew before They Began

If you doubt whether or not to pursue homeschooling because of the bunch of complex questions you have in mind, please know that successful homeschoolers had also been in that same stage. This means you are not alone. 

Every homeschooling parent has been in odd times. Most of them would never have thought that they would homeschool their child in the next school year. 

Guess what? Most fulfilled homeschoolers right now also had plenty of doubts before they finally entered into its realm. If you can see yourself in that position, then you might need to know these three things homeschool moms wished they knew before they began homeschooling.

1. The parent-child relationship is the most crucial ingredient.

No matter what grade your child is currently in, what subject they’re studying, or how satisfactory their performance is, the most vital aspect in this entire idea is the emotional connection between you and your child. 

It might be surprising to know, but when children become grown-up adults, they don’t usually remember a specific lecture, but they remember that particular mentor. Thus, be that kind of mentor. 

Be that kind of teacher who listens and truly cares for their mental and emotional wellbeing. Children need unconditional positive regard from their parents and not conditional support from a dictator. 

Suppose you want your child to really enjoy the homeschooling experience. In that case, you have to invest a lot in your relationship.

2. Homeschooling is not about solving every issue.

As everyone knows, physical classes have been canceled in springtime. With that, the responsibility of campus educators is now on parents. Then, they realize the problem is not with professional teachers at all. 

Although this is a controversial realization, it is true after all. It is easy to hurl the blame on educational institution’s faulty systems for not providing quality education to their children. 

Some parents blame teachers for not being competent enough to handle their child’s behavior. Well, there will be plenty of issues that will eventually surface throughout the process. 

Your job as a parent is to be open and skilled enough to address those concerns you have never talked about before.

3. Until they are ten years old, you should be patient enough to always supervise your child.

Parents often express their frustration during the first few years of their child’s homeschooling journey. They can’t simply set aside the rest of the chores and responsibilities because they have to monitor their child’s activities every minute. 

Yes, this task can be frustrating, but I tell you, the rewards will be worth the effort. Your child only undergoes that particular stage once in his or her life. 

Do not waste that crucial stage because it is where you should mold their mind and shape their abilities. Some parents assumed that independence could be practiced at a very young age. 

Yes, that’s right, but children aged below ten still need constant supervision. You are your child’s first environment and role model. You are the first contributor to their memory. 

Therefore, what is there to absorb when you haven’t been sitting with them full-time? Your child needs to learn the basics from you. Once they finally have a solid foundation, that’s the time they can soar on their own.

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