10 Things You Should Know about Homeschool Planning

10 Things You Should Know about Homeschool Planning

As a homeschool parent, sticking to the schedule of a lesson planner helps immensely, but it is not always easy. Flexibility and being open to changes are vital. In this article, you will find all you need to know about homeschool planning.

Homeschooling Trend

The option for homeschooling has become more popular these days. There can be a lot of reasons why parents decide to take this route. Some think this is the best way to teach and protect their children, given that there are many reports about discrimination and violence-related incidents in schools. Meanwhile, others prefer homeschooling because it’s more convenient for them. It also allows them to spend more time with their children during their formative years. In the US, around 4.5 to 5 million K-12 students will be homeschooled in 2021, which is about 9 percent of the overall kids learning.

Regardless of what reason parents have for homeschooling their kids, there can be many challenges along the way. But, knowing these ten things about homeschool planning can help you assess whether its a setup for you and your child and prepare better:

  1. Expect Plans To Change

As an instructor or parent, you don’t have to stick to the schedule always. Just make sure to be open to changes because your priority is for your kid to learn. Plus, since you both are at home, there can be certain unavoidable situations.

  1. Lessen Pressure By Planning Way Ahead

Make no mistake; pressure is still essential to push the kids beyond their limits. But ensure that training and retention of learning are to be prioritized. Try to plan for around two weeks’ worth of homeschool curriculum and then adjust accordingly.

  1. Make Ways Not To Forget

Do not forget that you are still a parent to your kids. Some responsibilities need to be done, and since you’re at home, there’s an urgency to finish them faster. Aside from that, you can very much expect that your duties will increase when your kids are present.

With that being said, you may forget things from time to time, including the contents for homeschool—no need to pop those memory pills. Instead, a simple planner or notification on your phone can make your life more convenient.

  1. Choose A Planning Method That You Love

If you are a former trainer or teacher, your skillset can be very beneficial. There are different ways to plan the contents and activities for your kids’ homeschooling. You can test them early on but stick to the planning method you are comfortable with as you progress. Results will follow if you can pour all your passion into the way that you love.

  1. Prepare A Day To Catch Up

Kids learn in different places. Moreover, the age groups they belong to make it either more effortless or complicated. Finally, do not forget to factor in puberty, and you being a parent makes it convenient for them to speak out. The point is that your kid’s learning progress might not meet your expectations due to their growing stages. Therefore, leave some days for them to catch up.

  1. Don’t Be Overwhelmed By Lesson Plans

Homeschool can either be better than conventional campus learning or worse. It will depend on how you plan the homeschool and how you handle your kids now that they are students. Since they will be spending more time with you, you might be overwhelmed with reality.

That reality indicates that the quality of learning of homeschooling must be better. If you cannot handle that pressure, you might be devoting all your efforts to making lesson plans more and neglect specific parenting duties.

  1. Prioritize Meal Planning

Do you have enough food for the people present? Do you have enough time to prepare a meal? Are the foods even healthy? These questions can help you realize that planning meals along with the overall homeschooling plans are essential too.

  1. Do Not Neglect The Additional Time You Have

Now that your kids have more time at home than outside do not neglect other activities too. As much as possible, you have to make learning through homeschooling more comfortable than campus life. In that way, it will not overlap with other activities and duties.

  1. Conduct Field Trips

Field trips are significant brain breaks and inexpensive. Go out from time to time. Do it not just for relaxation but also for learning opportunities. It might not be easy to separate work from leisure, but you can make it work with strategic planning.

  1. Give Room For More

Make sure all schedules are geared towards the completion of learning the basics. If you are fortunate enough, they can understand them faster than you have planned, and there might be a risk of dragging on since you will run out of content. Please foresee such a possibility and prepare impromptu and spontaneous activities.


Preparation for homeschooling takes a lot of effort in planning and factoring in all things that can be affected. If you feel you are not up for the challenges ahead, sending your kids to the most decent school you can afford will be better.

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